It has been brought to my attention that the rumor mill is churning the waters. The most horrific one I have heard is that our "legal matters" are because someone died on their bike after we had worked on it. I want to make it as clear as possible, THAT IS NOT TRUE. Our legal matters are internal and between the partners. That's it.

With that being said, I am sorry to report that the shop will not be reopening in the near future. These legal matters are complicated and require more time to deal with.

From Alex and Jay - it has been our greatest pleasure and honor to serve the community for a year. We truly planned to be there, kicking ass everyday, for years to come. Unfortunately, that was just not in the cards for us. It hurts us in ways we can't explain. For us, opening that shop was a dream come true. Everything happens for a reason however. And we will persevere. Thank you, Bushnell, Center Hill, Webster, Lake Pan, and the surrounding areas for your business. Like I said, it was fun and we will miss it.

If you need work done on your motorcycle, check out the following shops. Locally owned and personal friends of ours that are badasses.



We are currently closed due to legal matters. A reopen date has not been set as of yet. We hope to be serving our community again soon. Thank you for your understanding, and we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused our customers. Until we reopen, our main phone line has been disconnected. For inquiries, please contact us via email Fulleisemotorcycles@gmail.com or use the "Got Questions?" feature on this website. Or even find us on Facebook.

-Alex Eisenhardt 


We are a repair and service shop that works on Harley-Davidson Motorcycles in Bushnell, FL. We are willing and well trained to handle any Harley, 1929 to current. Yes, even trikes!! We provide 360 complete quality service. From your first phone call, to service completion. You can count on FullEise Motorcycles to always treat you and your motorcycle with care and respect.