About our company

FullEise Motorcycles was basically an accident. It was Thanksgiving in 2016, when the four soon to be partners, decided that they wanted to start a "part-part time" hobby. All they wanted to do was buy cheap, but not bad, FXR Harley Davidson's, fix them up, and sell them. 


Because they were dealing with such a specific, and old model, they ended up buying the majority of their used parts from a guy in Pensacola, who was in that line of business. After many transactions, the gentlemen made them an offer to purchase his used parts business. After careful consideration, in early 2017, they took him up on his offer. And just like that, they were in the parts business. 

At about the same time they acquired the parts business, Jay was fired from a dealership, where he worked as a service consultant. With spare time on his hands, and the word slowly spreading about what they had acquired, it wasn't long before the idea of opening up a service center, had started to blossom. The partners all agreed that that was the direction to go. And so the process started. 


The original service center was planned to be on Jay's property in Webster, FL. However, due to zoning issues, there was no way for this to happen. Therefore, they started searching for a spot to call home.

​Eventually, Neil and Alex both left their dealership jobs as well, to better help search for a shop location, and help run the parts business. Months went by with no legitimate lead on shop space, until one random day in November 2017. Neil and Jay were driving through Bushnell, and happened to spot a small "For Sale" sign in an antique shop window. 


They stopped in and met the owner of the building, Mrs. Louis. After speaking with her, and checking out the spot, they had high hopes, but time was of the essences, because Mrs. Louis was meeting with a realtor that day to put the building officially on the market. However, Mrs. Louis saw something of herself as an entrepreneur, in the group and sold them the building for a very fair amount. 

Once the ink was on the paper, the ride to opening day was rough. The building is 100 years old and is very much like an onion. Behind every wall and floorboard you peel back,  you can see signs of the many different businesses that have come and gone. 

Regardless of how hard it has been, we all cannot express how grateful we are that Mrs. Louis put greed out of her heart and gave us a chance to bring our dreams to realty. So that is the story, but let now here is a little information about the owners. 

Alex Malik-Eisenhardt - I come from a line of entrepreneurs. My grandfather, John Malik Sr. and his wife Arlene Malik, moved the family from Chicago, where they sold and built snowmobiles (and other things), to Leesburg in 1993, where they opened up Gator Harley-Davidson. So as you could imagine, my life has been the motorcycle industry. I worked in the clothing department and eventually made the switch to reception/social media coordinator, and assistant to the marketing manager. I earned my motorcycle endorsement in 2014 and in 2015 I bought my Iron 883 "Betty". Yea I am a new rider, but I look forward to building my skills and confidence. 

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